Strategic Advantage Solutions Launches Telephone Program

CYBERSPACE - Available with a setup fee of $99.00, Strategic Advantage Solution’s Virtual Chat - Telephone Dating Network product provides adults with a way to connect with other like-minded people.

SAS is very happy to have partnered with ICN to provide this business solution according to SAS President David Koplovitz. “Our solution available at lets small businesses get access to their own 900 number to market in such places as online websites, classified ads and numerous other places. I am so excited to be able to offer this business opportunity at such a low cost of entry.” Koplovitz added, “Until now, getting access to your own 900 number and dating network program could cost thousands of dollars.”

In their proprietary environment, the possibilities range from talking with a new friend to an intimate and possibly interactive experience. Once online, members can send real-time voice messages and request live connections, which, if accepted by the other party, will allow the caller to talk to that person immediately on their private system. This service is a result of 15 years of refining their business model and developing new products.

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