Sureflix Launches 'Build Your Own Cinema'

Tina Reilly
TORONTO – Sureflix Digital Distribution ( made its foray into the online video-on-demand market this week with the launch of a new gay affiliate program called "Build Your Own Cinema."

The customized VOD program enables webmasters to create tailored gay theater features that can be set up on individual websites in less than an hour, the company said.

The Cinema Wizard, a coded program created by Sureflix, presents six steps to building a customized cinema for both beginners and more tech savvy webmasters. The Wizard offers a variety of cinema templates with varying degrees of customization features, including the creation of logos and mastheads that are later used by Sureflix in promotional campaigns for webmasters.

“We don’t just offer simple color choices and logo placement,” said Erik Schannen, co-founder and CTO of Sureflix. “Webmasters can choose colors, fonts, borders, and even the positioning of page elements like the menu bar and most-watched lists. With all these options, we’re able to offer a dynamic tool that allows webmasters to tailor each cinema to their specific requirements.”

Sureflix was founded in 2000 and is also gay adult video distributor.

The customized VOD cinema program provides access to the Sureflix library of gay streaming content from its flagship site Webmasters can pick and choose content that fits the overall needs of their website, the company said, while at the same time picking content from some of the top gay production studios, including Studio 2000, High Octane, Kristen Bjorn, MSR, Matt Sterling, and Raging Stallion, many of which are on an exclusive contract with Sureflix.

“It’s the content as much as the technology that’s attracting all of the interest,” said Schannen. “We have an exclusive library of titles from the top gay studios. If people want to see these award-winning movies, they must visit one of our Sureflix network sites.”

As part of the newly launched affiliate program, Sureflix hosts the custom cinema feature for webmasters, pays for bandwidth, and handles payment processing and customer support.

“Muscle guys, twinks, fetish – we have something for everyone," said Schannen. "Lately our spanking titles have been very popular too. All these diverse genres allow our VOD webmasters to better target their surfers.”