Internet Freedom Association Launches New Website

CYBERSPACE - The Internet Freedom Association announced today the official launch of its new website.

The new site offers visitors links to news stories about important industry related topics, with an emphasis on Internet-related Free Speech issues.

In addition to these important news updates, the new IFA site provides visitors with the opportunity to share comments on news stories, vote in opinion polls, locate free legal information, and find out more about the IFA itself.

“The goal for this new site is to give concerned Webmasters and adult website fans one central place where they can stay informed about online Free Speech developments,” explains Connor Young, a member of the IFA’s Board of Directors.

“The site is an absolutely free service that is provided by the IFA and its volunteers for the benefit of the online adult community. We would like to encourage Webmasters and other interested parties to bookmark this site and visit it often.

With the recent indecency crackdown and the Justice Department’s ongoing war on pornography, it is more important than ever to stay informed of online Free Speech developments, and we think this new website will provide a place where Webmasters can make that happen.”

Attorney General John Ashcroft announced recently that the Justice Department intended to file multiple criminal indictments against adult webmasters, across the country, based on federal obscenity laws.

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