Flashing Fans Root for the Calgary Flames

Rhett Pardon
CALGARY, Canada – The Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning meet tonight in the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals, but most adult voyeurs won’t be watching the game.

They’ll probably be surfing on FlamesGirls.com, or another site that features the real fans – topless and bottomless – of the Flames.

FlamesGirls includes nearly a dozen pages of photos of drunk, naked girls doing their best to root on the team.

Calgary native Chris Myden, who owns the site as well as web-building site Myden.org, doesn’t receive any revenue from FlamesGirls.

“I started this site as kind of a joke, but it took on a life of it's own,” he said.

And it surely has. Myden and his site have recently been reported on in the Calgary Herald, National Post, Le Journal in Montreal and CBC National.

Myden’s site includes nearly 100 photos of girls flashing off tops and bottoms during the last Flames series with the San Jose Sharks.

And Flames fans are ecstatic, as witnessed on FlamesGirls.

“[The site] reminds me that Calgary is an amazing city with plenty of hot girls and that yes we are gonna bring the cup home baby,” one poster said.

Another site, AmericanEvil.com , also is getting into the act.

That site borrows on Myden’s concept and also includes a number of flashing girls.

By the way, if you tire of the websites, the game between the Flames and Lightning at the St. Pete Times Forum can be seen tonight on ESPN at 5 p.m. PST.