Itchdustry Launches Live Cams and Video on Demand

Gretchen Gallen
AMSTERDAM –Itchdustry Systems BV went live this week with new affiliate program, a live cam and video-on-demand website that company engineers have been working on for the past 12 months, said founder and CTO Sandro JM Anthonio.

The video chat feature of the site provides users and affiliates with video-quality two-way video communication that can connect broadcasters as well as integrate other adult content.

According to Anthonio, the streaming platform is based on a member and e-wallet structure, which after a one-time signup enables all new members to access other adult interactive sites offered through Itchdustry Systems like Free Chats, PeepShows, NudeChat, Video-On-Demand, and Photo Galleries.

The new site is supported by Macromedia Flash MX, Macromedia Flash Communication Server, and Macromedia Coldfusion MX technology that can also translate into third-generation (3G) technology platforms, including mobile phones. The new site also delivers live, recorded video and photo content in a rich media format.

"We've created a reliable, high performance and secured rich media platform based on a brand new business model targeted at customers, affiliates and other adult entrepreneurs located worldwide with multi-language capabilities," Anthonio said.

"In the beginning it looked like a 'mission impossible' project but during the development stage our engineering team got convinced more and more each day about the unlimited possibilities Macromedia Flash MX has to offer," Anthonio added.