Begins Hosting Sale

Amsterdam, NL - kicks off the summer season with a new array of services including a 10 megabit hosting solution featuring a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with 256 megabytes of RAM and 40G of disk for 400 Euros a month.

“This package is intended to meet the needs of most adult webmasters in a simple, easy to understand fashion,” said Sjoerd Venema of “We believe that we can also provide many benefits to non-European webmasters, and combined with that the package is more complete than most American hosting companies can offer.” is on the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the biggest data centers in Europe. While XXXWebhost's clients have previously consisted mostly of European customers, they want to help adult webmasters from all over the world to see the advantages of hosting in Europe.

“Especially for adult websites, the political climate in the United States has become an increasingly important issue. Hosting your server in the Netherlands puts your website in a country which has a centuries old tradition of tolerance, and which has a much more skeptical view of those who would call sex inherently obscene,” explains Richard Vonk, co-owner with Sjoerd of XXXWebhost.

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