IDownloadPorn Offering 99 Cent Downloads

Rhett Pardon
EATONTOWN, N.J. – Calling it the “iTunes of porn,” Eric Rosenbaum is ecstatic over his company’s week-long success of

“The response has been great,” Rosenbaum told XBiz of iDownloadPorn’s first week of business. “We think we have quite a selection of adult titles at a very good price. We have everything from straight to fetish – even toe-sucking.”

The website offers 99 cent downloads of up to 16 minutes of streaming media for a chapter of a movie.

“So to download the full movie of a new release, you spend less than $50,” Rosenbaum said.

After a year of beta testing, Rosenberg said the business model of the Eatontown, N.J.-based company is expected to bring high dividends and that consumers will be pleased.

“We offer an abundance of titles, and average 20 new titles per week,” he said. "You can search by star, movie title, keyword, genre or descriptions.”

The site, Rosenbaum said, offers something else consumers want.

“You don’t have any popups or redirects,” he said. “That way you save the embarrassment when you’re at the office and your secretary walks by.

“There are a lot of businessmen who download porn and don’t want to be bothered with that,” he said.