Strip Clubs Launch Voter Drive

Gretchen Gallen
BELOIT, Wis. – As the November presidential election draws near, strip club owners are putting in their two cents on who they want approving the laws that influence their industry.

Similar to other voter drives currently underway by online adult organizations like ChiChiClicks, the official trade organization for adult strip clubs is asking club owners to encourage their patrons to register to vote for anyone but President Bush.

Some club owners are even handing out voter registration forms in hopes of persuading patrons that another four years of President Bush could have serious and damaging effects on strip and adult entertainment venues nationwide.

The state of Wisconsin is home to an estimated 80 strip clubs and countless other likeminded adult entertainment businesses.

According to reports, even the president of the Association of Club Executives, Micheal Ocello, and other organizations closely tied to the adult club industry, are saying "no more" when it comes to a second term for President Bush and his form of anti-porn conservatism.

Ocello recently drafted a letter to more than 4,000 adult club operators making a plea to help remove Bush from the White House. Ocello and other supporters firmly believe that among the 750,000 people employed by the night club industry, a voter drive could really make a difference in the upcoming election.

So far, 200 people have registered to vote at a strip club in Southern Wisconsin.

"It's not to say our industry loves John Kerry or anything like that," said Dave Manack, associate publisher of E.D. Publications, which publishes Exotic Dancer magazine. "But George Bush, if he's re-elected, it could be very damaging to our industry."