HotelHeiress Gets Streaming Rights to Hilton Video

Gretchen Gallen
SAN FRANCISCO – The nine lives of the Paris Hilton/Rick Solomon sex tape entered yet another incarnation this week via a deal with

Only this time, according to Evan, one of the marketers for HotelHeiress, the 37-minute video can be streamed directly from the site, circumventing the lengthy and often technically tedious process of downloading the content.

Previously, the video could only be seen in a four-step, pay-per-view format provided by, an operation run by Solomon's brother that offers a re-digitized version of famous sex romp that literally rocked the tabloid media world six months ago when the young hotel heiress first appeared on a home-style sex video with then-boyfriend Solomon.

HotelHeiress will function as an offshoot of TrustFundGirls and is the first authorized site to provide the sex content in streaming format. The video stream includes 16 minutes of full-color footage in addition to 19 minutes of infrared footage of the couple having sex.

"Things were running quite nicely through TrustFundGirls," Evan told XBiz. "But they were getting some complaints from people who had trouble with the three and four-step download process. Some of the less tech savvy people. Now you can see it in minutes, rather than having to download."

Evan added that the video stream is available in low- and high-speed broadband and it can be played on many different platforms, including Real Player and Windows Media.

"It's crystal clear video and clear audio and it streams quickly," said Evan.

A similar marketing and licensing deal was inked between Solomon and Red Light District Video in late April in which the Chatsworth, Calif.-based acquired the DVD and VHS publishing rights to the sex tape.

A spokesperson for Red Light told XBiz that their deal with Solomon was the first time the rights have been secured to package the content in additional formats. It is also the first time that the film footage of the hotel heiress and Solomon has been released under the title, "One Night in Paris."

Webmaster Central will provide the stream from the site and all marketing will be done through XPays Inc., a webmaster affiliate program.