NakedSword Won’t Pursue Exclusive Deals

SAN FRANCISCO – Online gay adult streaming company said Monday it will no longer pursue exclusive contracts with studios.

San Francisco-based NakedSword said that while it has never required exclusivity agreements of its business partners, it felt that the current climate in adult industry called for a recommitment to better business principles.

“We are committed to helping all the studios who work with us increase revenue from their content, which is why we never strong arm anyone into signing exclusive contracts with us,” NakedSword President Tim Valenti said. “We understand gay business and its reliance on relationships over legal contracts, so we want our studios to be able to work with everyone and that way everyone succeeds.”

Valenti stressed his agreements are non-binding.

“It’s in our best interest for our studios to have a positive, non-adversarial relationship with their online partners,” Valenti said. “Forcing them to adhere to exclusive arrangements is ultimately detrimental – not only to them, but to the industry in general.”

Reena Patel, director of marketing at said companies that pressure studios into premature agreements are not only limiting the cash flow for that studio, but are denying potential video consumers access to those films.

The seven-year-old company’s membership model allows users unlimited access to its 3,000 online video library, featuring full-length titles from over 100 studios including Falcon, Rascal, Titan, Colt, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment and Jet Set.