Los Angeles, Calif. – Within a month of its opening, THROB has signed on to represent Outernet Dynamic Billboard Network (ODBN), a company offering digital billboard advertising in gentlemen’s clubs nationwide. “My goal is to be a leading marketing and advertising agency for digital media companies with future-thinking vision, and signing ODBN is an important step towards that goal,” says Katie Smith, president of THROB. “This is just the start.”

Under Smith’s leadership, THROB will develop ODBN’s integrated marketing programs, cultivate its adult-advertising client base and manage public relations. THROB will also oversee the renovation of ODBN’s corporate Web site and create value-added programs for ODBN clients. “We needed someone who could clearly explain why digital media is the future of billboard advertising, as well as advise clients on how to use it. I am confident that THROB will fill that need,” says Steve Feske, president of ODBN.

ODBN dynamic billboards present state-of-the-art, high-resolution signage to well-defined niche audiences. ODBN’s technology allows for instant placement or switching of ads at anytime, anywhere throughout this powerful national billboard network. This enables advertisers to identify their targeted audience not only by location, but also by date and time.

THROB is a strategic marketing and advertising agency specializing in digital media. Through expert marketplace research, THROB audits brands, products and services to help companies compete and win. THROB cultivates innovative ideas and solutions, helping clients develop new features, benefits and niche-focused messages that are communicated through high-quality campaigns and marketing programs.

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