For Your Listening Pleasure: CD Erotic Launches

Gretchen Gallen
BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Picking up where the off-Broadway show the Vagina Monologues left off, CD Erotic went live Wednesday with its website and a selection of adult audio CDs of women telling erotic stories.

Brooklyn-based CD Erotic, a privately owned company, creates and produces all of its own erotic material with the intention of giving adult audiences a different and more interactive entertainment venue than traditional video, magazines and Internet porn sites have to offer.

The all-male four-person crew at CD Erotica writes its own material and records the content at a nearby sound studio in Manhattan.

"Men have a better idea of what men want to hear, and then the women narrators add a more sensuous aspect to it," company spokesperson Mona Lott told XBiz.

According to Lott, the idea behind producing female erotica on audio took hold a year ago and finally launched at a time when Lott feels the adult entertainment industry needs a new way for delivering safe-sex adult content to consumers.

Lott believes that the CD collection will be widely received by people who want to access their adult entertainment on the go, on road trips, walking, or on CD players.

"Traditionally, adult material has only been available in predominantly visual mediums such as magazines, videos, and the web, but we've now made adult content portable," said Lott. "It's hard to think of anything more enjoyable to listen to during your commute than gorgeous women telling their naughtiest stories in full detail."

The company's first releases include, "Earotic Volume I" and "Earotic Volume II," both compilations of women re-telling their sexual experiences and fantasies in a provocative and "play-like" format.

At present, CD Erotic does not offer CD content told by men, but the company plans to release an entire catalog of more erotic CDs by summer.