Karina Launches Her Official Site KarinaVIP.com

According to Chef Jeff of TheIndustryVoice.com, "She’s the prototypical blonde bombshell, the embodiment of pure Scandinavian beauty and sex appeal, Karina is the best!"

Former Sin City contract porn star, Karina, announced today the launched of her official web site, KarinaVIP.com. The launch of the site coincides with Karina’s scheduled appearance this week on The Howard Stern Show, which is broadcasting from The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have my web site up and running!” Said Karina, “I plan to be spending the majority of my time working on the web site, my fans will love it, I am totally committed to this.”

Karina will keep an office and studio in Los Angeles where her web site will be run from. “My live cam shows should be starting within the next 30 days. I will have live events featuring other hot porn stars as well as my own weekly live cam shows!”

Karina wants porn producers to know that her studio will be available for rent as a shooting location. For more information please email KarinaStudio@karinavip.com.

Karina is also scheduled to appear on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday May 12th.