Jeremy Gets Hot Over TripleXhotsauce

Gretchen Gallen
BALTIMORE – Further proof that the porn industry has successfully managed to garner the interest of the mainstream consumer, adult star Ron Jeremy is putting his name and image on a line of hot sauce products that will be marketed in retail outlets, trade show conventions, online and offline novelty shops, and as an affiliate product for webmasters.

After starring in 1,700 adult films and then parlaying his porn fame into a guest starring role on the reality television series "Surreal Life," Jeremy has brought national stature not only to his own prolific career as a porn star, but to the porn industry in general.

And now the "hedgehog" will use his famous mug to sell a product manufactured by, a three-year-old novelty niche manufacturer of hot sauce products that targets consumers who like their hot sauce and the labels they come with a little "spicier" than the average bottle of Tobasco.

The product line has so far featured a few lesser-known porn stars and an occasional winner of a topless contest, but Jeremy is the first big porn celebrity to grace the front of their hot sauce bottles and expectations are high that it could be a big seller. is a subsidiary of, which markets mainstream hot sauce products to the Boy Scouts, the Marine Corp., police departments nationwide, weddings and conventions.

"It's a real nice sauce," Jeremy told XBiz, adding that it's not too hot, but just right for the way he likes it. In addition to getting a small cut on sales, Jeremy has played a hand in some of the marketing slogans for the product.

"I like it when it's too hot on the way in, but on the way out, you're going to have a problems," said Jeremy, giving a sample of one of the slogans he has come up with.

Jeremy told XBiz that this is the first food product he has endorsed so far in his career. Other endorsements include rolling papers, cigars, pipes, bongs, a penis mold, an action figure, T-shirts, and greeting cards.

"I love to eat, so this is perfect," he said, adding that he will be pleasantly surprised if the product becomes a big hit and ends up in Walmart or some other mainstream retail outlets. Jeremy added that even though he has done a lot of work away from the porn industry lately, there is still a porn stigma tied to his name.

"Let's face it, they still know me from being a porn star, so who knows what will happen," he said.

According to Jon Yuspa, president of TripleXhotsauce, pictures of Jeremy on the six-ounce bottle of hot sauce will be part of a series and might possibly include nude shots of the porn star, although no decisions have yet been confirmed. Jeremy's face will start appearing on TripleXhotsauce products in June of this year.

"Ron will definitely put us a little more in the spotlight," said Yuspa, who met Jeremy when TripleX did adult programming for the Infinity Broadcasting network.

"Hot sauce is something that people don't "get" instantly," Yuspa said. "But it's a collectible and people tend to really get interested once they make a connection. The TripleX side of it is a niche in which we don't compete with anyone."

TripleXhotsauce is also in talks over similar porn-related marketing deals with representatives from Vivid Entertainment and the Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

Other mainstream projects Jeremy has been involved in recently include appearances in film and television projects "Reindeer Games," “Nash Bridges’” “America’s Most Wanted,” and more than a dozen music videos. Jeremy will also make an appearance in a Snoop Dogg movie, and an HBO television series called "Black Tie Affair."