ASACP Attending Rome Conference

Rhett Pardon
LOS ANGELES – Joan Irvine, executive director of Adult Sites Against Child Pornography, is traveling to Italy next week to attend a conference of the Internet Hotline Providers in Europe, an international agency that fights child porn.

INHOPE, holding a conference in Rome on May 11-14, plans to discuss issues of content, age verification and IP address hijacking, as well as one of the most rapidly growing industry niches in Europe – adult content over wireless devices.

Gartner, an industry research company, estimates that sexual content over mobile phones will generate $1.5 billion in revenue in Western Europe next year, or about 5.1 percent of the total market for mobile data.

Meanwhile, ASACP reported Wednesday that it had drawn over 4,600 suspect child porn reports in April and continues experiencing a big increase in the number of reports. Of those 4,600, more than 300 produced sites turned in to authorities, well above the previous average of 100 per month.

“I believe that we are seeing this increase in raw and validated reports as a result of more than one factor,” ASACP official Tim Henning said. “New search engine technology, the ever increasing amount of unwanted spam email, rapidly growing awareness of ASACP both online and in mainstream media, and a growing proliferation of child pornography sites are all contributing to the increase.”

The group said that the most disturbing aspect of the increase in reports appears to be the increase in validated child pornography content that is new and previously unseen by the group. In the past, much of the content was not original to a particular suspect site but seen many times duplicated on many sites, ASACP said.

ASACP said that as the numbers of child pornography sites grow, there appears to be more competition for customers and more pressure to provide new content to those customers.