Blatt to Promote Redlight's 'One Night'

CHATSWORTH - Adult Industry veteran, Kevin Blatt “KB” has been retained by Redlight District Video to handle promotions for the infamous “One Night In Paris” sex video featuring Rick Saloman with his girlfriend at the time hotel heiress, Paris Hilton.

The video was produced by Saloman and shot while the two were on vacation in a five star hotel room. The video will hit the store’s shelves on June 9, and is anticipated to become one of the biggest selling sex tapes of all time.

Blatt recently was the public relations representative for the Marvad Corp., the company that owns

Sexbrat, the website that initially released a grainy, green-tinged copy of a sex tape made by Saloman and Hilton three years ago, made huge news when it was revealed that they did not have the rights to the tape, which was then brokered by Saloman’s former roommate Donald Thrasher for $50,000 plus royalties. Salomon is currently suing Marvad for $10 million.

“I am really excited to be on board with Redlight District Video, and to be able to promote “One Night In Paris”, in my opinion it will be the biggest selling sex tape of all time,” he said.