Cambodia Fearing Gary Glitter Link

Rhett Pardon
PHNOM PENH – Glam rock icon Gary Glitter has returned to Cambodia but faces a government that wants him out.

The problem is that Cambodian officials are concerned about the message Glitter's presence sends out about the country, which has a reputation as a haven for sex tourists.

Glitter is a convicted child porn felon who has managed to enter Cambodia and buy property.

Best known for his stadium anthem played each time a puck goes in the net, Glitter was convicted for possessing 4,000 child porn images downloaded from the Internet in England in 1999.

Cambodia has earned a reputation as a haven for pedophiles due to lax law enforcement, judicial corruption and the easy availability of children who are forced into prostitution by poverty.

Glitter, a rock star from the 1970s whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, had managed to get back into the country after being kicked out twice, most recently in October, and barred from re-entering.

“He has a house, he has bought property and local authorities have confirmed to us that he has said he wants to stay in Cambodia quietly," Cambodian Minister Mu Sochua told wire service AFP. "What I am saying is that with his past record, I don't think he should."

Sochua told the wire service that Glitter apparently returned just weeks after his last expulsion and that she feared he may be allowed to stay until a complaint is heard against his original expulsion in 2002.

Meanwhile, Glitter has filed a lawsuit against a Cambodian government deportation order.