AOL UK To Offer Cheaper Broadband

Gretchen Gallen
UNITED KINGDOM – Following in the footsteps of competing European Internet Service Providers, AOL UK announced plans Thursday to offer an entry-level broadband service for less money, although the ISP has been very secretive about details of the rollout.

An AOL UK spokesperson has reportedly confirmed the plan, but refused to elaborate on the details or price points involved, which would mirror similar entry-level broadband offers from ISP rivals Tiscali, BT, Wanadoo, and others.

AOL UK is considered one of the largest ISPs in Europe and is reportedly aiming to capture the intermediary consumer market making the transition from dial-up to high-speed.

"We have plans in the pipeline," said an AOL spokesperson. "It's not something we can talk about at this time."

UK ISPs have been criticized recently for creating consumer confusion with competing price plans that in many cases have stymied growth in the broadband market.

"We want to introduce some clarity into the market," said the AOL spokesman.

The new service will be available by summer, the spokesperson said.