H2oh Hosting Launches Unmetered Bandwidth Dedicated Servers

Delray Beach, FL – H2oh Hosting, web hosting company for the adult industry, is pleased to announce the launch of it’s dedicated hosting service. In a continuing effort to bring unique and effective solutions to adult webmasters, H2oh Hosting’s dedicated servers are now available in both 10mbps and 100mbps unmetered bandwidth allotments.

These fully managed dedicated servers offer quality bandwidth, BPG routing, redundant network connections, server security, monitoring, and our fully managed hosting service, giving each customer piece of mind hosting. Adult webmasters, particularly those utilizing high-bandwidth to operate their websites now have six different unique choices for dedicated hosting at H2oh Hosting.

“We found that many of our clients running pay sites, TGP sites, MPEG download sites, file hosting, movie file downloads, and anything else requiring high bandwidth utilization were faced with high monthly bandwidth bills, many of which were reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars. A fixed cost solution, scalable options, robust hardware, excellent network, and management was needed, and that’s what H2oh Hosting came to provide to our customers,” says H2oh Hosting Managing Director, Josh Ewin.

H2oh Hosting provides a range of unmetered servers, including single Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium4 and Dual Intel Xeon servers with ample RAM, HD storage space, and blazing fast connectivity. Dedicated clients have a choice of operating systems for their managed dedicated servers including RedHat, FreeBSD, MS Windows, Windows Advanced Server 2000/2003, and MS Web Edition 2003. cPanel, the world’s most popular hosting control panel is available at no additional charge for RedHat and FreeBSD installs.

“In the end we needed to find a dedicated hosting solution, which offered low bandwidth costs and a high level of service. Many webmasters, particularly TGP and MGP webmasters are only able to reduce their costs on bandwidth by using hosting providers, which don’t offer a sufficient quality of service”, says Ewin.

“I’ve spoken with many webmasters that are frustrated with their current hosting providers for this very reason – poor service. What makes the situation worse is that many of these same webmasters are locked into extended contracts. We’ve done our homework and designed our service with these guys in mind. All of our hosting accounts come with 24/7 support, no extended contracts are required and our dedicated bandwidth costs are as low as $0.07 per Gigabyte,” boasts Ewin.

For more information, visit www.h2oh-hosting.com on the web.