LesbianKissingVideos.com Offers Kissing Content

LesbianKissingVideos.com offers its unique content for licensing or sale for use on online member sites.

Retailers or distributors can carry these videos as packaged, or they can even license the raw footage to re-arrange however they want for online use or to put into their own videos.

"We are not tyrannical about licensing. Once you pay to license some material, we don't make things so strict that you can not actually 'use' that material in your business. We want you to be happy and successful, providing good Lesbian Kissing Videos for your customers, and come back to us for more material as we create it," said manager Brandi Adams. "The only thing they can not really do is re-license our material to a bunch of other places."

"Lesbian kissing videos is an area that most sites have overlooked. While many sites might have some good still pictures of lesbian kissing, LesbianKissingVideos.com has always focused on videos of lesbian kissing. For the viewer, a picture is worth a thousand words – while a video is worth a lot of pictures," said Kayla Starr, assistant director of ecommerce.

"Today we are making good Lesbian Kissing Videos rather quickly and can afford to share the content through licensing and distributors or even outright sale." said Starr, adding "Instead of worrying about getting enough original Lesbian Kissing Video material, like in the early days, we are now almost worried about where to put all the good Lesbian Kissing Video material that we are creating."

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