XonDemand Launches Pay-Per-Minute Site

Rhett Pardon
WARMINSTER, Pa. – XonDemand.com launched Monday a pay-per-minute streaming media site.

The online adult site offers soft porn, straight, gay, lesbian, fetish and reality, as well as instructional films on adult intimacy with no membership fees or long-term obligation.

The site, XonDemand's Larry Charles told XBiz, will succeed because of its multiplex screening-room format.

"It's simply ‘pay as you go,'" XonDemand’s Frank Ryan said. "Depending on which minutes package guests purchase, they can enjoy XonDemand's thousands of titles for less than 10 cents a minute."

The Warminster, Pa., company said it will soon offer a rental option where surfers can download a film onto their PC and watch it as many times as they want for a period of 7, 14 or 30 days.

"Without disrespecting other websites, we feel that ours is easy to navigate in the multiplex format ,” Charles said.

The company said it used technologies from Microsoft, Macromedia, Red Hat, ObjectCube, RealNetworks, Foundry Networks, Cabletron Systems and Riverstone Networks for XonDemand.