Applauds FTC Apology in Alyon Case

New York, NY – applauds the FTC's apology following the Federal ruling last July in favor of its primary billing provider in the US, Alyon Technologies Inc. The FTC apologized for telling Alyon customers that they did not have to pay their bills. The July 10, 2003 Federal ruling said that Alyon has every right to collect its bills. The FTC admits they ''altered'' the facts in their communications. The Federal ruling was, in fact, a clear victory for Alyon - confirming the legality of an innovative solution that opens up terrific new opportunities for the entire industry. is pleased with this final outcome, though it regrets that it took the FTC almost 10 months to admit their mistakes. The apology re-confirms that offers a safe, anonymous and secure billing solution and that Alyon has full rights to collect from customers. This was true in the past and continues to be true. Second, this fully legal billing process offers webmasters a strong alternative to other billing methods, such as credit cards. ''Having supported Alyon from its founding 3 1/2 years ago we recognize the tremendous value of this admission by the FTC for us, as Alyon's exclusive client for the adult online industry,'' said Pascal Pegaz, CEO, For a full transcript of the FTC apology please e-mail