Spread4U Launches New Site Design

Spread4U & Stroke4U, the sites that provide webmasters with free live straight and gay feeds, are happy to announce new site designs, which can now be co-branded. Spread4U & Stroke4U v2.0 are the result of a year's worth of customer and affiliate feedback. "We thought it was time to give our sites a new, fresh look," says company owner Barry Fruitman. The sites have been given a modern, updated appearance, with improved graphics. With the sleek layout, also comes easier navigation. The sites have larger, interactive graphics, which will lead the surfer to exactly where he wants to go. With the new looks, Spread4U & Stroke4U v2.0 have also added a new feature to their sites: the ability to co-brand. Webmasters who want to keep their logo and site colors, can now choose from multiple skins, or create their own, and apply them to the Spread4U & Stroke4U live feeds. This feature has been added because according to Fruitman: "Webmasters have been demanding it. By making our sites co-brandable, our affiliates can easily maximize their conversions because we let them customize our sites to their traffic." Spread4U & Stroke4U v2.0, "incorporates many new features and should help improve both sites usability, which leads to improved conversions and better retention for our affiliates," says Gunner, Director of Affiliate Relations. "Our hope: happy members, means higher conversions!" To see the new designs, please visit www.spread4u.com and www.stroke4u.com.