Lesbiankissingvideos.com Adds Payment Option

Lesbiankissingvideos.com announced the immediate addition of yowcow.com as a payment option for their flagship lesbian kissing videos and other items that are shipped to customers. "With yowcow.com's fair treatment of buyer and seller, in any given transaction, this payment option will gain popularity very quickly," said director of ecommerce Kayla Starr. "We will add yowcow.com as a payment option for our online member sites as well, but the strength of their payment system is for shipped goods. We had a profitable business of shipping items to customers first, and then went into the online member site business as well since we owned our own content. Our content is rather unique." Will softcore become a trend with the recent HIV scare and announcements of California's intentions to clamp down on adult productions for health concerns? "There are all sorts of niches out there. Many get started by accident, like we did." lesbiankissingvideos.com videos are available to end users for purchase and also available to distributors for re-sale and also available for licensing. For more information, please visit Lesbiankissingvideos.com.