Eroticy Increases Affiliate Payouts

Clearwater, FL – has announced their second affiliate payout increase this year, with the new payout structure making Eroticy the highest paying program within the adult personals industry. Webmasters may choose from either a pay-per email address program or a pay-per sign up program. On the pay-per email plan, Webmasters earn $3.00 per female, $2.00 per couple and $1.00 per male email address. On the pay-per sign up plan, Webmasters earn up to 80% of the revenue generated on the sale as well as all future renewals. High second tier commissions are also offered to entice those interested in affiliate brokering. “The response we received after the initial re-launch of our affiliate program has been phenomenal. We were met with some skeptics who thought we could never payout what we promised; however, word of mouth from all of our satisfied affiliates has eliminated the skepticism”, said Michelle Pendenza, Director of Operations at “We are raising the payout amounts again in efforts to become more competitive in the affiliate market.” Eroticy entered into the affiliate arena only after perfecting the actual end user experience. “We feel that Eroticy is superior to any other adult dating site and over the past year, we have devoted more time to growing the affiliate program. We are enhancing it daily and are confident that we will make Eroticy’s program the best and most lucrative in the industry,” said Pendenza. Pendenza contributes the programs initial success to the amount of content offered, a great community of people within Eroticy and excellent customer service. “We treat all our customers and affiliates with the respect we expect to be treated with when we are on the other side of the table. Our affiliate counselors will do whatever they can to help a webmaster make the most of their affiliation with us. They can offer suggestions to drive traffic and even go so far as to have banners made on request.” For further information, please visit the site at