ARS Gives 1000 Bonus Points to Webmasters

CHAMPS gives you the tools to create your own paysites, tours and members areas, using the content provided by our content provider. You earn revenue from sales you generate to these sites and also revenue from other webmasters promoting your sites. You already get 1500 free content points to create a membership site with; and within the next few days, Option Mind is issuing the site builder an additional 1000 Bonus content points. These points can be used for content updates or to build more sites (sites still require a minimum of 12 scenes to be accepted). Now everyone that submits a site has enough points to update for at least the next year! People who have already submitted a site will also get the 1000 Bonus points per site. All DVD movie scenes are worth 100 points or less each, we are doing away with the scale of more scenes bought costs more points. People who have already bought above 50 scenes will be credited the difference. Webmasters who have already built sites, boost up your members areas or hold the bonus points for updates. Anyone holding back can now earn great income by building sites with no worries!