New Affordable Content Management System

The SiteDepth 2.0 Content Management System has just been released, which includes these features: You can manage multiple websites as long as they are on the same server, using customizable templates that can be edited right in your browser using a visual editing tool. You can create users and only give them access to certain websites, and certain functions (admin users have access to everything, general users can only add previews, galleries, videos and news), and the system integrates with your design easily; just paste in 2 lines of PHP for each page you want content to appear on. A Gallery Scheduling feature lets you set a date when you want the gallery to appear, and it will automatically be visible in your member’s area on that date. You can also set a date after which the gallery won't appear. You may upload a zip file containing all gallery images, set start date, end date (optional), name, description / comments, upsell text, link and banner (optional), and they will be re-sized, copyrighted (optional), a dial-up size will be created (optional), and a thumbnail will be created. You also have the choice to make a zip file, or to have the gallery just be a zip file with no other images. Members can vote on which galleries they like, they can also select how the galleries are ordered, a news function is provided for adding and editing news items, and the database is automatically backed up at an interval you choose, with SQL data e-mailed to you by the software. For more information, please visit