Cheap Website Traffic Now Selling Globally, has announced a major leap forward in their push to reach more worldwide customers. After using PayPal from the very beginning for over 98% of transactions conducted at the site, Jeremy Smithers, the company President, says the time had come for a change. "We were receiving emails from people all over the world asking for an alternative payment method, because PayPal can not be used in many countries. Western Union worked okay, but there was a time lag for the customer because we had to manually pick up their payment from the local WU office before we could actually process their orders," Smithers says. "About two weeks ago, we ran up on an article about iKobo. The article stated that iKobo served over 170 countries, had a very quick and simple order process for the customer, and so we looked into it further. The rest is history. We now accept iKobo for the vast majority of our payments, and StormPay for customers who would rather use it. Now, we can offer our traffic to nearly anyone on the face of the Earth without the unnecessary hassles." The big story, of course, is not that Cheap Website Traffic has signed up to use iKobo for payments; the big story is that they can now accept orders from almost any customer in the world. "PayPal served us very well, and we highly recommend them to persons who sell mainly in the US and UK. But, if you want to sell globally without the need to offer three or four different payment methods, iKobo is the way to go. We've already seen a five percent increase in sales, because many prospective customers were probably leaving the site as soon as they saw the PayPal logo and realized they couldn't use it to purchase our traffic. They were just going elsewhere, and who can blame them?" For more information, please visit the site at