Acacia Signs T. Rowe Price

Gretchen Gallen
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – In its first ever license agreement for the use of video-on-demand for corporate websites, Acacia Technologies Group nabbed a top-tier investment firm Monday, a possible sign that the streaming of in-house corporate demos or archived content could come at a higher-than-expected price.

T. Rowe Price, Acacia's newest licensee, is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and provides financial advice to individuals and corporations. The company was founded in 1937.

The T. Rowe website uses streaming video for portfolio manager interviews. However a representative for T. Rowe was unaware of any other streaming media used on his company's website. He added that the licensing agreement might be part of a future website strategy for T. Rowe that would include the use of more streaming media for in-house purposes.

According to Robert Berman, senior vice president of business development for Acacia, streaming media that infringes on Acacia's DMT patents is not always profit-based content.

"Our patents don't just apply to sites that charge the customers to view streaming media," Berman told XBiz. "Sites that provide free streaming media are also potentially infringing our DMT patents and we will continue to license and enforce our patents against the owners of those sites in the future."

Including its deal with T. Rowe Price, Acacia has now signed 120 licenses for its DMT technology in a variety of industries, including online adult entertainment.