AVCash.com Offers European Visa Payments

AVCash now offers their webmasters an alternative way of receiving payments via a corporate Visa Electron card. Any webmaster can get his own card account in a well established European bank with all its bonuses, including receiving bank transfers directly to the Visa card. "We are always looking for fast ways of sending payments to our webmasters", said Vladimir Lanskikh, AVCash's CEO, "and I think we have found an alternative to check payments. Once a webmaster gets a card from us he will be able to withdraw his money almost instantly. The webmaster can also receive bank transfers to the card from other sponsors. We are really pleased that we have managed to provide this alternative as it is a next step to instant payments". AVCash will issue Visa Electron payments twice per month, on the same schedule that other payments are issued. For more information, please contact avt@avcash.com