Stern Reportedly Near a Huge FCC Sanction

Rhett Pardon
NEW YORK – It is reported that Paris Hilton is going to nail Howard Stern.

Broadcasting & Cable says the Federal Communication Commission is preparing a six-figure proposed fine for the “King of All Media” shock jock for his one-hour show last February discussing explicit activities between Hilton and one-time lover Rick Solomon. (Editor’s Note: Below is transcript of a portion of the February show.)

The FCC is putting finishing touches on the proposed sanction that, for the first time, will fine a station for each indecent "utterance" during a single program. Previously, the FCC levied just one fine no matter how many times a program crossed the line.

The current maximum fine is $27,500 for each instance judged to be obscene, but that fine is levied against each station that airs the show. Congress is moving to raise the maximum fine to $500,000 for each instance. The bill raising the fine passed the house and awaits action in the Senate.

U.S. law bars radio stations and television stations from airing references to sexual and excretory functions between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. The rules don't apply to websites, cable and satellite channels or satellite radio.

Viacom, parent company of Infinity Broadcasting, has stood behind Stern in the past, paying a record $1.7 million fine several years ago. Stern's show is syndicated by Infinity Broadcasting, which is owned by Viacom. Viacom also owns CBS and MTV.

Viacom President Mel Karmazin at the time defended Infinity's Feb. 24 broadcast, saying it was not indecent, but later apologized to Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., who has pushed for stricter obscenity rules and sanctions.

Earlier this year, members of a House Commerce subcommittee blasted Karmazin for Janet Jackson's breast-baring moment at the MTV-produced Super Bowl halftime show – which aired on CBS.

One group that has pushed congressional leaders to sanction Stern is The American Family Association (AFA), founded by United Methodist minister Don Wildmon.

At the time, AFA said it would ask its members to begin filing official indecency complaints against Infinity-owned stations if Karmazin didn't immediately fire Stern.

Sponsoring an anti-pornography promotion called Pornography Awareness Week, AFA has led an effort to get Stern off the nation’s airwaves. It claims it is responsible for booting nearly 70 percent of Stern advertisers in certain markets around the nation.

The group also says it is responsible for the removal of porn from franchisers of 7-Eleven stores, as well as the commissaries of 43 federal prisons.


Following is a transcript of the February program that is under scrutiny.

HOWARD STERN: "Paris Hilton, she banged you good and gave you great oral .… I'm not showing anyone my penis."

STERN: "Did you bang Paris Hilton the first night?"

RICK SOLOMON: "All my dates, I probably get them the first night."

STERN: "Shannon Doherty, you banged her."

STERN: "You are a cocks-man."

STERN: "I can't believe you banged her. Did you get anal? No anal? I need anal tapes. Anal tapes are my thing. I need anal tapes."

ROBIN QUIVERS: "She [Paris] didn't know how to work it."

STERN: "She likes orgasms. I'd like to bang her."

QUIVERS: "I think we're getting too into the locker room [talk]."

SOLOMON: "The anal game ..."

CALLER: "We want to smell your fingers [because of where you had your fingers in the Hilton tape]."

CALLER: "Ever bang a famous nigger chick? What do they smell like? Watermelons?"

STERN: "Drew Barrymore, how old were you when you banged her?"

SOLOMON: "I was 20 and Drew was 15. She was emancipated. Drew's virginity was long gone by 15."

STERN: "Did you do the Olsen twins?"

SOLOMON: "I usually find one girl I like to sleep with and stay with her. The girl I'm with right now is married and famous."

STERN: "It would be great if that woman is Laura Bush, the President's wife."

STERN: "How about Paris Hilton's privates?"

SOLOMON: "She's got the greatest privates in the world."

STERN: "Rick Solomon, he's the guy with the big schlong."