Sweet's Obscenity Case Lingers On

Gretchen Gallen
VANCOUVER, B.C. – Nearing the end of an obscenity trial that began on Feb. 13, a trial judge will determine a verdict in the Steve Sweet case on April 23.

Sweet, the president of Sweet Entertainment Group, was arrested in 2002 with three other members of his business and charged with six counts of obscenity based on eleven fetish videos from the SadoSlaves.com Library, according to P.G. Kent Snowsell, head of legal affairs for Sweet Entertainment.

The Sweet case has been in the public eye for much of its duration due in part to issues pertaining to contemporary Canadian community standards, which are used to judge the definition of obscenity.

The charges resulted when the Vancouver Police Department raided the offices of Sweet Entertainment on March 13, 2002 and then again on Nov. 7, 2002.

At the time of Sweet's indictment, The Crown alleged that the eleven video vignettes were obscene under Canadian law. The videos in question included 'Pee Lovers,' two 'Miss Pain' scenes, and eight 'Sado Slaves' scenes.

The Crown alleged that the videos were obscene because they combined explicit sex with cruelty and violence, which is prohibited under Canadian law.

In the meantime, the Sweet Entertainment site continues to feature content and maintain its membership.