AOL Spam Sweepstakes Prize Is a Porsche Boxster

Rhett Pardon
DULLES, Va. -- There must be some money to be made from spam.

Enough to buy million-dollar homes, diamond rings and vacations to the south of France.

Well, how about a 2002 Porsche Boxster.

Dulles, Va.-based America Online says that is exactly what one website entrepreneur gave up when he settled with the Time Warner unit over spamming.

And now AOL is giving it away in a sweepstakes that was launched Tuesday.

The contest is open until April 8. Adult AOL members are eligible and they can only enter online.

AOL obtained the car in settling a lawsuit it filed last year against a California man “who by our estimates made more than $1 million from spamming,” said Randall Boe, AOL executive vice president and general counsel.

“Here was a spammer who made some money fast. He bought himself a Porsche,” said Boe, who refused to offer details about the spammer, citing confidentiality terms of the accord.

The two-door, silver-gray metallic Porsche has 18,000 miles, a leather interior and retails for $47,000.

AOL said the latest case “represents us moving beyond that to the toys, the fruits of spam. We’ll take cars, houses, boats, whatever we can find and get a hold of.”

In a recent company initiative, AOL is targeting individuals and companies accused of sending a combined 1 billion junk messages to AOL members, pitching online porn, college degrees, cable TV descramblers and other products and services.