Firm Sees No Cap to Success of Vivid Condoms

Rhett Pardon
LAS VEGAS – A company that struck a licensing deal last year with Vivid Entertainment says the branding of an adult-entertainment icon with condoms has brought successful results.

Paradise Marketing says it has ramped up its marketing campaign and has recently signed deals with major Las Vegas hotels and nearly 40,000 U.S. convenience stores, selling four different varieties of condoms under the Vivid brand.

Dennis Paradise, president of Vista, Calif.-based Paradise Marketing, told XBiz that the condom brand has sold 1 million condoms in its one-year existence. Paradise said that during one of the adult trade shows in January 2003, he approached executives of Van Nuys, Calif.-based Vivid Entertainment over drinks.

“Within eight weeks, we had a production deal,” Paradise said. “I don’t have to embellish the Vivid name – the brand sells on its own.”

Besides convenience stores, the company also sells Vivid-brand love gloves at, and Condomania.

But it’s in Las Vegas where the product is flying off the shelves.

“With more than 100 million visitors a year to Las Vegas, Vivid Condoms is getting the exposure which people across the country will remember when they go home,” Paradise said. “We’ve received reports of a substantial increase in sales volumes in the Las Vegas concession stores since switching exclusively to the Vivid.

“And when the visitors go home to Shreveport, La., or Lincoln, Neb., they remember the Vivid brand,” he said.

Paradise told XBiz that reaching the 18- to 49-year-old demographic market is not easy.

“But we think we’ve tied condoms to a great brand,” he said. “People get the point. They get the gist of the name, and can associate it with condoms.”