From The Inventors of BYOT Comes C.H.A.M.P.S

Las Vegas, NV – ARS first introduced the Build Your Own Tour program and now they introduce the opening phase of ARS C.H.A.M.P.S: Content Hosting Affiliate Management & Payment System. Publishers can now create their own pay sites using the content provided by ARS content providers. Publishers create his/her tour and a matching members’ area, update it once a month and get paid per signup, or choose to be paid by the revenue sharing option. On April 1st, CHAMPS will be fully released where all ARS affiliates can promote these sites. The payout schedule is as follows: Site owners earn $2.50 per initial signup AND $2.50 per re-bill for all signups sent from other webmasters. On your own traffic: Rev Share program, you are paid $16.00 per initial signup and $16.00 per re-bill. Per Signup program, you are paid $35.00 per initial signup. Webmasters sending to other webmasters sites: Rev Share program pays $13.50 per initial signup and $13.50 per re-bill. Per signup program pays $30.00 per initial signup. For further information, please visit the site at