DVD-O-Rama Raises Payouts

Curacao – DVD-O-Rama, an online Adult DVD rental store affiliate program, is raising payouts. Now webmasters can earn up to $30 per sign up. Members can choose from two different membership levels: 3 DVDs for $19.99 and you make $25 or 6 DVDs for $29.99 and you make $30. There are never any deductions for sign ups. The new payout structure will pay webmasters an additional $5 for each signup. Webmasters will now earn $25 for a 3 DVD signup, and $30 for a 6 DVD signup, no deductions. DVD-O-Rama has quickly grown to be the largest DVD rental store online, with an inventory of 42,000 DVDs. Users can search by Title, Performer, Category and Publisher. Affiliate payments are made weekly by CE Cash. Webmasters can be paid by check, check via Fed Ex, wire transfer, Paypal, and e-Passporte. This goes into effect as of traffic starting March 23rd forward. To signup for DVD-0-Rama, go to http://dvdorama.com. To view their rental store, go to http://www.urentdvds.com/rental.php.