YaSexHoo.com Owner Says Site Will Be Shut Down

Rhett Pardon
SARASOTA, Fla. – YaSexHoo.com’s owner said Friday that its domain registrar will be shutting its site down within two days.

GoDaddy.com officials were unable to be reached by XBiz; however the YaSexHoo.com owner, who goes by the name Dill Dough, said it is likely that the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company would be worried over possible trademark infringement over the YaSexHoo name.

Yahoo spokesman Brian Nelson said the company did not communicate with GoDaddy relative to closing down the site.

Earlier this week Dough told XBiz.com he wouldn’t be worried about infringement. He cited a similar twist on the popular Google.com search engine with Booble.com, which launched in January.

Posted on the YaSexhoo site before it will seemingly be shut is a diatribe apparently targeted against GoDaddy.

“So shameful? These pricks have gone behind our backs and applied for our site to be closed down,” the site reads. “Do not allow freedom to be squashed on the Net by bigheaded arrogant corporations.”

Dough, who says he bases his business in Sarasota, Fla., says he owns more than 20 sites and has been in the Internet business since 1994. “We’ve done gambling and search engines – both are very prosperous,” Dough said. “But nothing beats sex.

“The sex customer is the best because when the gamblers go broke, they don’t come back,” he said. “But the adult customer buys DVDs and sex toys, and their retention level is better.”