Playboy Pens Deal With Front Porch

Tina Reilly
LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Playboy Entertainment Group has entered an agreement with Front Porch Digital Inc. to enhance the delivery of its Video-On-Demand (VOD) cable television content, the company announced Wednesday.

Playboy reportedly purchased Front Porch's BitScream VOD transcoder, which plays a critical role in the conversion of high-quality broadcast content according to MPEG-2 VOD specifications.

Front Porch Digital is a developer of software and services that convert audio, video, images, text and data into digital formats. Front Porch software also enables searching, browsing, editing, storage and on-demand delivery of content in all digital formats.

In addition to Playboy's cable television content, Playboy has been under an increasing demand to produce high-quality, cable-based VOD. The purchase of BitScream transcoder, according to Playboy, meets their strict requirements for quality and speed in the VOD market.

"Front Porch has a keen understanding of the nuances of MPEG-2 and VOD and has proven that their solutions are best-of-breed for these applications," stated Glenn McJennett, vice president of engineering for Playboy.

The deal with Playboy comes as part of Front Porch's expanded sales presence in North America after cornering the digital media market in Asia and parts of Europe.

"Playboy is a critical win for Front Porch Digital in the broadcast sector," stated Nikesh Kalra of Front Porch. "This win proves our ability to meet and adhere to the standards set forth by a premium content provider and a major standards body. Front Porch is proud to be a part of Playboy's sophisticated, mission-critical operation."