Seoul: Amateur Adult Website Operator Arrested

Tod Hunter
SEOUL, South Korea — Police have arrested the operator of an amateur adult website and 53 of its members who posted obscene pictures of their wives or girlfriends, it was reported today. The vast majority of the 53 members arrested were male office workers, entrepreneurs and college students, between 30 and 40 years of age. Only four were women: two housewives and a self-employed woman in their 30s, and one office worker in her 20s.

The Cyber Crime Investigation Division of the Seoul Metropolitan Police have asked the Korea Information Security Commission to shut down the site, which had some 10,000 members.

The 39-year-old webmaster, whose name has not been released, opened the website in September 2005 for sharing of video clips and pictures depicting nudity and sex by the site's 9,887 members, according to police. More than 850 members paid the $30 rate for two-month memberships, netting the webmaster $93,000.

In March 2005, the webmaster received a suspended sentence for operating the website .

Police said the images included “abnormal” practices such as partner swapping and threesomes, and the webmaster and nine other members were observed “between once and seven times” on the website. It is alleged that the webmaster joined in the partner swapping on three occasions, pretending he was a member.

The police spokesman said unconventional sexual activities are within the law, “but if people pay for partner swapping it qualifies as commercial sex,” which is illegal. Posting nude pictures without the models' consent also is a crime.