HellHouse Media Releases Pure Pain Energy Drink

Steve Javors
SEATTLE — Specializing in BDSM and fetish production, HellHouse Media has expanded its brand with the release of Pure Pain Energy Drink. The drink is in taste testing in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles until July 1 before it’s made available in bars, clubs and adult stores nationwide.

HellHouse is in the process of finding a beverage distributor, so the company is currently selling direct through its website, HellHouseDungeon.com. A case containing 24 8.4-ounce cans retails for $49.99.

HellHouse President Ty Gonty told XBIZ that he hopes the unique energy drink, which he said tastes like “liquid candy,” would pique people’s curiosity about his company and provide additional mainstream exposure.

“I stumbled upon Jason Vigil’s XBrands Fluids after seeing them profiled on a couple B2B sites that I’m a member of,” Gonty said. “I also noticed that Arrow created its own energy drink to market the new ‘Deep Throat’ DVD. So after discussing possibilities with Jason, and examining the potential, I decided it’d be a good way to expose our products and brand to people who may not be paying attention to the porn industry."

Gonty said that he sees a great synergy between his brand, which is synonymous with sex, and an energy drink that increases stamina.

“I wanted to go a step further and create a product that can be used promotionally, but also sell on its own as a great-tasting drink that keeps you energized,” he said.

Pure Pain can be drank on its own, or mixed with an alcoholic beverage like rum or vodka for an added kick, Gonty said.

All HellHouse DVD and clothing purchases made from the company’s official site will include a free can of Pure Pain.

Adult stores interested in stocking Pure Pain Energy Drink can email Gonty at sales@hellhousedungeon.com.