Jenna Jameson's Writer Quits NY Times

Gretchen Gallen
NEW YORK, NY – The writer hired by Jenna Jameson to co-write "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star" has reportedly quit his post as music critic for the New York Times over flack that he was working on a porn project.

Jameson's book, due out this spring, will be published by Regan Books, a division of Harper Collins.

Neil Strauss is a longtime Times employee who has authored books on Motley Crue and Marilyn Manson in his spare time.

Editor & Publisher reports that Strauss was interested in Jameson's life story before he even agreed to do the book.

"It's a wild story that will probably change the way everybody looks at her," Strauss was quoted as saying.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the Times' conservative upper management was not at all happy with Strauss' involvement with porn diva Jenna Jameson, despite her billboard above Times Squares and numerous other mainstream projects.

Strauss was reportedly pressured by his editors for not following newspaper guidelines when it comes to accepting outside projects. The New York Times has a contractual agreement with its writers that all freelance projects must be in keeping with the "standards" of the newspaper.

A New York Times spokesperson said that prior to tendering his resignation, Strauss had a lengthy discussion with his editors.

Jameson has been a Vivid Girl for Vivid Entertainment Group for the past several years and owns her own company Jenna Club Inc., a successful Internet marketing, production, and licensing company. She also controls her own film production company, which has an output deal with Vivid.