A New Business Model For The Internet?

Montreal, Quebec – is a new adult chat site with flashy graphics, outstanding models and an affiliate program. So what? The difference is behind the skins. MyDreamCam is a new business model for websites. is actually the pilot site for a string of new sites set up as the “LiveCamNetwork Affiliate Performance Program.” Each new site is parceled into twenty units, which are then sold to customers who become “Affiliates” and profit from revenue generated by the site in amounts equivalent to the number of units purchased. The next site,, is already running and waiting for a few more affiliates to close the package. Business partners Jean-Paul Bordus and José Melwani initially developed the concept not knowing if they could apply it. They had to hunt for the right product to offer their potential clients. “My partner and I looked at many similar companies, which claimed to provide the best this and the best that, and I mean many,” said Melwani. “And 2much was the best at them all.” For more information, please visit the site at