Thai Prosecutors Drop Charges Against John T. Bone

Anne Winter
PATTAYA, Thailand — British pornographer John Gilbert Bowen, aka John T. Bone, has reported on his blog that Thai prosecutors have dropped the various pornography offenses he was charged with in April. Bowen told XBIZ he is leaving the country and will be in the U.S. in a few days.

Bowen and two associates were arrested in April for filming and selling pornography in an apartment complex; police seized all of his equipment, including cameras, computers and a customer list. Both the production and sale of adult material is illegal in Thailand.

Bowen said that the prosecutor decided there was no case to answer, telling Bowen that he is free to leave the country.

"Believe me, it will take no time at all to pick up my laundry and head for the airport," Bowen said.

Bowen said returning to Thailand "would be madness," and that he also may shut down his blog.

Bowen has directed hundreds of DVD lines for companies including Platinum Blue, Metro, Heatwave, Zane and others. He is best known for directing Annabel Chong in “The World’s Biggest Gang Bang.”