JKF Entertainments.com Launches Fetish Pimps

Switzerland – JKF Entertainments.com has launched Fetish Pimps, a resources for fetish webmasters where everybody is welcome to talk about the different kinds of fetishes that they are promoting or are interested in, and to share traffic tips, TGP strategies, links, search engine information and more. When asked about Fetish Pimps, Mr. Uittenbosch, Founder & CEO of JKF Entertainments had this to say: “This is an opportunity for the small fetish webmasters to meet bigger fetish webmasters and exchange as much tips and information as possible, also, for the profuse amount of webmasters whom are not into fetish promotion, you are also welcome to join us.” The board also has a forum for those webmasters who are into programming or need help with web designing. For more information, please visit the site at www.fetishpimps.com