Innovative Ideas International Introduces FMAO

Las Vegas, Nevada—March 10th, 2004—Innovative Ideas International today introduced the grand opening of For Mature Audiences Only, called FMAO. FMAO is a pay per click search engine that all adult webmasters can use to buy or sell traffic. Similar to most PPC search engines, FMAO allows webmasters to bid for placement on keywords, however, what makes FMAO different is that webmasters can also sell traffic. With as little as $100, webmasters can begin to have traffic directed to their sites. FMAO provides top quality traffic since the surfers are searching for exactly what they want. Webmasters can bid on key words to within a tenth of a penny, unlike any other PPC search engine available today. FMAO, also offers both domestic and international traffic to purchase. These tiers are geo-filtered to help you to better target traffic to your site. Webmasters have several options that can be used to send traffic to FMAO. Send through a Console, Banner /Text, XML feed, and more. There will even be a referral program for FMAO, where Webmasters that refer an advertiser will receive $100 and if they refer another webmaster, $50. FMAO, your one stop adult portal for searching, buying and selling. For Information: Visit the website Contact: Phone: 702-233-1267 ext. 243 Phone: 877-ARS-8500