Wankus Out in KSEX Shuffle

Tod Hunter
BURBANK, Calif. — Wayne C. Lewis, aka Wankus, is no longer program director or on-air talent at adult industry Internet radio station KSEX Radio.com.

KSEX Radio President Jon Belinkie announced his decision on the air last night to remove Wankus as program director and replace him with KSEX host Lorrainiac. Belinkie had called in to the station's regular program "Temptation," hosted by Lorrainiac and Cuzz Fucker, to announce the move, which is being made as a part of a restructuring that includes the acquisition of Heat Party Radio, a move to a larger studio and an expansion of programming.

Belinkie told XBIZ that he and KSEX wished Wankus well. He later explained his decision to announce Wankus' termination in public.

"The announcement last night wasn't so much about Wankus as it was about surprising Lorrainiac with her promotion on the air," Belinkie said. "There's a very loyal fan base for 'Temptation,' and we wanted to share the news with their fans."

Wankus remains a part owner of the company for now, though he told XBIZ that he and Belinkie hadn't worked out all the details of his termination. Wankus also said he's open to other options.

"Obviously with such a harsh and difficult working environment, I won't have the pride and excitement to wave the KSEX banner anymore," Wankus said. "So if there are any generous offers, I'd be open to getting bought out."

According to Belinkie, KSEX's restructuring will include an expansion to a 24-hour program schedule on radio, TV and eventually pay-per-view, as well as a move to a new facility in Chatsworth, Calif., that will be equipped with at least three studios.

KSEX host and adult performer Tyler Faith also announced today that she has resigned from KSEX because of Wankus' removal.