Tenn. Video Store Searched by IRS Agents

Tod Hunter
MARYVILLE, Tenn. — Sunshyne Video 2 in Maryville was served a federal search warrant by agents of the Internal Revenue Service on May 2. Customers were turned away and asked to come back later as IRS criminal investigators searched business records for six hours.

Information regarding the search warrant remains sealed, according to a local newspaper. "We're just here about a tax matter," Agent Jim Robnett said during the investigation.

Jennifer Pollard, public information officer for the IRS, said the criminal investigation division investigates possible tax violations including tax evasion, failing to file a tax return, filing a false tax return and impeding the functions of the IRS. Pollard said the IRS also investigates crimes such as money laundering and structuring bank transactions to evade reporting requirements at banks. Pollard also said she could not disclose details on why the IRS Criminal Investigation Division was at Sunshyne Video 2.

Blount County Sheriffs also were seen at Sunshyne Video 2 during the search. Sunshyne Video 2 is owned by David and Kristie Anderson. David Anderson said the agents served a federal search warrant and told him they were looking for records.

"They explained they weren't there to shut me down," Anderson said. "They just told me and my wife that they were looking for some records."

Anderson said the IRS agents were "very polite" to customers, informing them that the business was not closed permanently and asking them to come back later.

Anderson said he doesn't know whether the agents were investigating his actions or the actions of a past employee. "There's just no telling," he said.

Anderson said he does have legal counsel on the matter, but the attorney requested that his name not be disclosed at this time.

Anderson was unavailable for comment at press time.