FBI Visits Shane’s World for 2257 Inspection

Steve Javors
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — A team of FBI agents visited the offices of Shane’s World Studios at approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning to conduct a routine inspection of the company’s 2257 records, XBIZ has learned exclusively.

After a quiet start to the year with no 2257 inspections reported until the FBI visited the defunct Moonlight Entertainment on May 3, it seems that the FBI is ramping up inspections.

“Approximately six agents came by this morning and were interested in 10 titles,” Shane’s World owner Jennie Grant said. “After we regained consciousness, we promptly gave them all the records and they got to work. They were here for a few hours and then let us know our records were perfect.

“Once the initial shock of having the FBI at your office wore off, we got to work. I relaxed because I realized we are prepared for this and we have a great staff that pays attention to detail.”

Grant said that one of the FBI agents told her directly, “It’s really rare for us to find zero violations.”

Shane’s World employs a full-time staffer to maintain the company’s 2257 records.

Megan Stokes, Shane’s World vice president of sales, told XBIZ that the agents were interested in the 2257 records for a few of the older titles in the “Shane’s World” series as well as new releases in the line. Also inspected were records from the studio’s popular “College Invasion” series, “Girls Night Out” and “Shane’s World Slumber Party 20.”

Stokes said the agents stayed for a couple of hours at the company’s offices before leaving with their own copying equipment.

The other companies that have been subject to 2257records inspections are Diabolic (July 24, 2006), Sebastian Sloane Productions (July 28, 2006), Robert Hill Releasing (Aug. 1, 2006), Sunshine Films (Aug. 16, 2006), Darkside Entertainment (Sept. 12, 2006), Evasive Angles (Sept. 27, 2006), Legend (Oct. 10, 2006), Pure Play Media (Nov. 16, 2006), K-Beech (Dec. 14, 2006) and Moonlight Entertainment (May 3, 2007).

The FBI’s inspection of Bethlehem, Pa.-based Sebastian Sloane Productions was prompted by an unrelated search warrant.