Intense Industries Starting Strong

Tod Hunter
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Intense Industries has released its first two DVD titles, "Girls Dil-Doing Girls" and "Sexy Secretaries," since its founding in early 2007. A third, "Soaked Stockings," streets on May 17. Beginning in June, Intense Industries will be increasing production, releasing one new gonzo video per week.

Plans call for Intense Industries to be "eclectic" in its offerings. "I want the company to go into different genres at different times," Intense Industries president and founder Vince Miller told XBIZ. "A buffet, a potpourri, a smorgasbord — pick a word that you like. On a per-release basis, I would be hitting a different niche every time. I'd rather be a shotgun than a rifle. We'll be doing MILFs, interracial and double-penetration. Maybe some outré areas, I haven't decided yet."

Miller has been in the adult industry 25 years. “I’ve definitely seen a change in the business over the past several decades,” Miller said. “The one thing that has remained consistent, however, is the consumer’s desire for quality product. We want to be upscale, with the panache of a Fifth Avenue hooker instead of someone under a streetlight. We have a plan, we have a direction, and we're just trying to cut away the leaves and things in our way.”

Miller told XBIZ that the company’s motto is "Do The Right Thing," meaning, "Respect your responsibilities and keep your word. If the whole industry did that, we would be one harmonious group. If we took the time to look at situations from the other fellow's point of view, there would be more harmony, less friction, less stupid problems."

For more information, visit the Intense Industries website.