Texas Adult Shop Owners Make Local Campaign Donation

Anne Winter
DALLAS — A City Council candidate who is working to keep an adult bookstore from opening in the city's Red Bird area has accepted a $3,000 campaign donation from the store's three owners.

District 8 candidate Tennell Atkins has organized a group of investors interested in purchasing the storefront that would have been home to a New Fine Arts adult video store, owned by Paul Radnitz, Gary Hartstein and William E. Becker. Despite this, each of the three owners sent $1,000 — the maximum amount allowed — to Atkins' campaign.

Atkins insists he had no idea they contributed funds, and that he has never spoken to them about donating money. He refuses, however, to admit whether he will keep the money or return it, and it is unclear what New Fine Arts' owners' motivations were for donating.

Radnitz did not respond to interview requests at press time.

Atkins also assures that the contributions have not affected his action to keep New Fine Arts out of the city.

"If I was running for political office, if I was not running for political office, I would take that stand," Atkins said. "My main priority was to get some investors together to buy the building."

Atkins said he will continue to fight to keep sexually oriented businesses out of his district "as long as I can help it."